Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mechanical Commando

Mechanical Commando is an intense, highly-challenging, reactions and shooting-based action game for older kids and teens where you must guide a giant robotic commando (a mech) through a series of long-haul, ground-force combat levels. With the ultimate goal of defeating the ‘boss’ character and then escaping each level before the time runs out, you must use fast keyboard control, accurate mouse-clicking and smart ammunition selection skills to eliminate enemies, and avoid counter fire. There is definitely no room for error in this high-intensity futuristic battle!
Reasons to play this addicting, mech shooter game: Stimulate and exercise your reaction speed, finger dexterity and coordination, observation skills and good strategy application as you dodge and weave through scores of enemy soldiers and similar mechanical commandos to yourself.
Best strategy to win: Keep a cool head! Each level is quite long compared to many battle adventure challenges, so take your time in searching for the big boss. Barreling around the battlefield with no strategic nous is a sure-fire way to get your mech into deep trouble! Instead, you need be more purposeful, direct and swift in your movements. Enter an area full of enemies, give them a rapid burst of missile fire, and then retreat or move to the side as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for valuable power-ups and health packs too – they could be vital to your mission!
How to Play: A Flash-based, shooting action and skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 5 main levels, your goal is to find and eliminate the ‘Boss’ character, and then escape by returning to the aircraft at the very beginning of the level. The levels are not timed initially, but the moment you eliminate the Boss, a timer appears. You must reach the aircraft at the starting point of the level before the timer reaches zero!
Control your Commando’s movement using the WASD Keys or the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Aim using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to fire your primary weapon. Press Spacebar or the CTRL Key to launch your secondary ‘mortar’ weapon. Keep an eye on your ‘Armor’ (Health) level in the top left corner of the play area. If this falls to zero, you must Re-play the level from the beginning.
Tip: When trying to escape after destroying the Boss, re-trace your steps. Your Mechanical Commando leaves tracks as it progresses, and these can be easily followed back to your initial starting point.

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