Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Dolphin Show

You've never seen a dolphin program? To fish with great flash game where you play as a well-trained dolphins! Perform stunts, jump through hoops, and through the audience! Scary Differences

Learn a bit about dolphins
In My Dolphin Show, you play as a cute little dolphin! The game has two modes - Standard Show and Showtime. Standard mode is a mode designed for beginner players. its similar to a manual mode, where you can begin to learn the basic important functions and how to play the game. In this mode, your audience is small, so you can focus primarily on the implementation of the stunts and hit your targets successfully.
The Showtime mode is slightly more difficult. In this mode, the stunts and the goals are much more difficult, and the audience is significantly larger. You are the center of everyone's attention, and your goal is to captivate the audience by performing tricks and achieve goals that you think is impossible!

Hotkey Controls
The hotkey controls in My Dolphin Show are quite simple, yet are essential for performing your tricks and reaching your goals. Using the up, down, left, and right arrow keys, direct your dolphin in and out of the water to jump through hoops, nose-tap beach balls, or jump over tall beams. Don’t forget to collect the fish and stars between stunts!
Rewards Age of War 2 
Completing stunts, nailing your targets, and wowing your audience won’t leave you empty handed in My Dolphin Show. In fact, by doing all of these, as well as eating those tasty fish the audience throws into your tank, will help you gain score point stars. These stars will help you later to unlock various new items in the game shop.
Game Shop
Once you have collected enough stars, items in the game shop will begin to unlock. These items consist of primarily different dolphin skins that you can use throughout your shows.

  • Standard grey-colored dolphin (you begin the game with this dolphin)
  • Beautiful pink-colored dolphin
  • Grey and green colored- dolphin
  • Black dolphin
  • Orange and yellow striped dolphin
  • And many, many more.
Take care when deciding to use a different dolphin. While you still may be earning loads of stars from each show, as you select new dolphins, you are also spending your stars! Some dolphins you may want to save your stars to be able to purchase later!

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