Thursday, April 14, 2016


Customer Reviews

Cute but buggy and too simple 
Still needs a lot of work before ill pay for the full version
First of all birds dont roll Not even flightless ones. This is disturbing to see their positions or motion.
More than one solution. Often before you even get to place the pieces or gather any stars
Some pieces especially transparent are very hard to see. This IS a small screen on an iPhone
Does not know when the level is unsolvable and does not auto refresh.
Does not show a NEXT screen when you finish a level
Has 2 levels open rather than just the one prior to the locked one. I could never get that to change and look normal
Scoring makes no sense. What is the highest per level? How do you know if you have improved your score from last time if it does not tell you?
Weird glitch 
The game seems like a game I would enjoy, but for some reason, it won't rotate properly on the screen. When I pull it up, the image is horizontal. So, I rotate my phone, but the image doesn't rotate with it. I would love to play the game, but I cant access everything properly.Earn to Die 

Like others have stated, it's got some wacky glitches. I liked where this game was going and I'd love to continue playing, but after only 4 or so levels, it totally freezes, won't rotate, and only shows half the screen. Hope this gets fixed so I can leave a better review.

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