Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quick Shot

Hands up for a quick-fire, mouse-clicking basketball game that’s ideal for challenging your friends and family to some competitive, skill-based fun! In Quick Shot, you have 30 seconds to score 10 points or more by shooting baskets in each level. The catch is that the basket becomes an increasingly-fast moving target as you progress! Lay down the gauntlet for your buddies as you post an awesome top score – and watch them try to match it! This fun and surprisingly-tricky Bball game requires good hand-eye coordination, deep concentration, pinpoint accuracy, and the ability to remain cool under pressure. Tactfully timing your shots is the key to success – especially in later levels as the moving basket increases in speed. Have you got the ‘dead-eyed’ accuracy to become a Quickshot Master? It’s time to swish your way to glory!

How to Play: Your goal is each level is to score at least 10 points (5 baskets – each successful shot is worth 2 points) before the 30-second clock runs out. In Round 1, the basket is stationery in the center of the game screen. However, in subsequent levels, the basket moves horizontally across the play zone, making shooting hoops much more difficult. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag the basketball across the game screen, and release the Click to shoot. If your shot lands in the basket, you score 2 points toward your total (indicated in the top right corner). Keep an eye on the clock in the top left corner of the game area. If you have scored less than 10 points once the clock runs out – it’s game over. See how far you can progress! Good luck!Earn to Die 

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