Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Illusionist’s Dream Game

The Illusionist’s Dream Game is a fun platform-type puzzle game that whisks you away to a world of fantasy and magic. Once upon a time, there was a great magician who entertained crowds with his tricks and illusions. But when the love of his life unfortunately died, he stopped performing and lost the will to live…until one night he had a dream. Can you help the magician find the will to live again?

Transform yourself into different animals to find the key in each level, and reach the door to proceed to the next level. Each animal can do different things: the butterfly can fly, but if it encounters a frog, the frog will eat it, and you have to start all over again. There is also a fox that runs fast and leaps far, but it eats any rabbits that cross its path.Earn to Die This means that, if you need to become a rabbit later on, you will need to take that into account. You never really get eliminated though, as falling into a pit or getting eaten by another animal will simply transport your human form back to an earlier point in the level. Enjoy this fun journey into one magician’s dream and help him find the will to live again.
How to play:  Move with the arrow keys. When close to an animal, press ‘A’ to transform yourself into that animal’s form. Press ‘S’ to change back to yourself. Jump using the ‘up’ arrow key.

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