Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pet Shop Story

Customer Reviews

This needs to be updated to be good. 
I lost a lot of interest after finding out there's a limit to levels and expansions. It was a really big disappointment especially after purchasing many gems and the time invested playing other games to earn gems and level up. This needs to be fixed or upgraded for more people to play this game and more importantly, KEEP playing the game.
There are one hundred and twenty four pages of animals; forty five pages of displays and fifty eight pages of decor. That's where I'm at and im level 40, with 5 expansions left. There could even be more animals as I level up and I won't have any room left. Considering there's no more space to put anything I couldn't possibly spend anymore money on gems.
Gems are very expensive in Pet Shop Story and it's a challenge to complete goals and collections without them. They should be earned easier to encourage people to use them and get better animals and upgrades. With this expansion limit, even if someone wanted to, they couldn't fill their store with just gem items. Its not big enough and this game could make a lot more money off of it.
It's a great time filler and very addicting until the expansions run out and there's so many more animals to buy but no more room in your store. Maybe it should be something to consider when making the game. Bummer.
More user friendly suggestions 
Let us know what supplies are needed for animals to help neighbors. Have to scroll through too many screens to find animals to purchase breed, show more on screen. What are supplies used for, gifting things that I don't know what they'll be used for or on what level. A lot of guessing. Could prompt us or make suggestions of what to purchase, breed, or upgrade next. Give jewels when a level is completed, a shop goal is completed, definitely when a collection is completed. There has to be an easier way to add neighbors as ID's are not prevalent. If someone posts on your wall or visits your shop you should be prompted to add them. Need to think things through a little more to be more user friendly. I've never screen so many pop ups before in a game!!! Sick babies wow all babies will die if it costs that much too heal them. How about prompts to remind us they are almost ready or a payment plan!?! Crashing a bunch lately. New goals to keep it fresh. Once visiting neighbors or gifting them hide from view or put them in visited already in the last 24 hours, hard to remember who we have and haven't visited. On news feed remove from feed if we've revisited or gifted them, helps with knowing we've responded to everyone.
Earn to Die 
This game is a great game. You can be social friendly over the game by posting on their walls and talking to them that way. But the ads have to stop. I know you guys are just trying to advertise to get people to get and play more of your games but they are getting out of hand. Every single day I see an ad pop up and it is really starting to annoy me 

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