Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Putt It In! game

Play 18 holes of minigolf online in this Putt It In! game in the garden park. Can you stay below par and make the crowd go wild with your birdies and eagles? First, choose if you are going to play the game alone (1 player) or with a friend (2 players). Then choose your character player. Enter your name (optional) and click ‘ok’. Pick a place to place the ball on the grey square. Set the angle and power and shoot! Try to avoid bunkers, the water and bogey rounds, and rank yourself amongst the best players in the highscore table.
How to play:

- Move your mouse to choose the initial position of the ball and click to place it.
- Move the mouse to change your shot or putt direction and power.
- Place the mouse over the arrows of the sides, top and bottom of the game scene, to slide it.Earn to Die 
- Left click to strike the ball.

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