Thursday, March 31, 2016

Garage Tycoon

Ready for a career in the hectic world of auto repairs and services? Do you believe you have the skill set required to combine the challenging ‘hands-on’ aspect of a car / truck repairs shop with the day-to-day running of the successful business? If you think you’ve got what it takes, it’s time to don your work gloves – and get right down to it!Tyc Garage oon is a stimulating, high-speed virtual mechanic game for boys and girls where you have to quickly and efficiently carry out repairs and general services for a steady stream of customers. By performing essential maintenance on all sorts of vehicles in good time, you earn valuable virtual income which can be used to buy spare parts, and generally upgrade your business. If you keep hitting your income targets, you can transform your humble service station into a massive nationwide franchise!
This high-octane, pressure-filled business simulation game requires a great deal of concentration and fast mouse-clicking action on your part. The customers come thick and fast with a variety of different requests, so you have to be very much on your toes to make sure you fulfill their order in good time. As well as quick reactions, you also have to display savvy business acumen as you must carefully replenish stocks and hit sales targets in each level. The world of auto repairs is a highly competitive area – you simply cannot allow customers to leave disappointed! Ok Garage Tycoon, it’s time to exhibit some solid business know-how! Good luck too, as every business needs a bit of luck!Earn to Die 
How to Play: Your objective is to consistently hit your ‘sales targets’ at the top of the game screen by efficiently repairing and servicing the many vehicles that come through your busy garage. The often banged-up cars and trucks pull up at the gate of your store. Click on the Green Check Mark beside the vehicle to accept the job (the vehicle then appears in one of the 6 main parking lot spaces). Your store provides four different services: Body Repairs, Tune Up, Paint Job, and Wash. By hovering your computer mouse over the customer’s machine, you can see which of these jobs is required by their corresponding icons above each ‘service garage station’. Click and drag the car or truck to the specific requested station(s) to begin the service. Once the Green Bar above the station is filled, the vehicle automatically appears back in the main parking lot. Note: You have to double-click on a vehicle in order to begin a ‘Wash’. This can be done while the vehicle is in the main parking lot.
When you have completed all of the required services, a Green Arrow flashes above the vehicle. Drag it to the open parking space beside the main office (on the left hand side of the game screen) to complete the transaction. You don’t receive payment from the customer until you have moved the finished vehicle to this ‘collection parking spot’. The faster you complete all of the services, the more virtual cash you earn. If you fail to complete the work on the vehicle before the red Timer Bar (above the vehicle) runs out, you lose out on any possible income from that car. Occasionally, you have to order ‘Spares’ from the tab at the bottom of the game screen. Try not to wait until you are prompted to do this, as you waste valuable time. If you get a couple of seconds in between cars, order your spares in that time. Keep hitting your virtual income ‘sales targets’ in order to increase your ‘Level’. This, in turn, attracts more customers to your garage. Enjoy your work!

Upstream Kayak

Upstream Kayak is an fun water sports simulation and skill game (for both younger kids and teens) set in a series of challenging obstacle-filled river courses where you have to paddle strongly against the current in your touring kayak, and race against the clock to the finish line. You play the role of a courageous outdoor-based kayaking enthusiast, and you have to learn and react quickly if you want to avoid a capsizing accident. You must vault over dams, logs, and other hindrances while collecting valuable fruit bonuses, and generally trying to stay in control of your light-yet-durable kayak.
Subtle keyboard-tapping skills combined with a cool head under pressure are important traits of the virtual kayaker, especially if you strive to become the Kayaking Champ! Players of a daredevil persuasion with a flair for the spectacular also get a chance to impress with a selection of mid-air stunts. A knack for predicting trouble spots also comes in handy as you battle the raging rapids. One tiny mistake could lead to a sudden sinking – so being highly focused in the water at all times is definitely advised (just as in real life). So strap on your helmet and grab your paddle – it’s going to be a wild river ride!Earn to Die 
How to Play: Control your kayak using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press the Up Arrow to paddle forward, and the Left and Right Arrows to tilt your kayak one way or the other. Press Spacebar to jump over obstacles. While in mid-air, you can press the 1, 2, 3, and 4 Number Keys to perform cool stunts that increase your points score (displayed at the top of tyhe game screen). You also earn points by collecting individual pieces of fruit and birds positioned throughout the level. Keep an eye on the ticking clock in the top right corner of the game screen. Your objective is to complete the course before the timer runs out! Your number of remaining lives is displayed next to your score. Enjoy the great kayaking adventure!

Urban Basketball

Pack up your hi-top sneakers and towel, because we’re about to embark on an epic basketball journey across the United States! Urban Basketball is one of the most exhilarating, addicting, and fast-paced online basketball games on the web! Here, you have to take on increasingly competent opponents in quick-fire 2-on-2 match-ups on cool inner-city courts. Your deadly duo of cartoon b-ballers both have an awesome set of individual skills, and you simply have to outscore your rivals in order to progress to the next city! Prepare yourself for four quarters of non-stop basketball action!
If you’ve ever played in a two-on-two basketball game in your backyard, or in the school gym, then you know exactly how high-octane and competitive these types of “fun” encounters can become! There is a lot of open space on court at all times, and you need to be aware of the offensive and defensive advantages that this offers your team. Quick reactions, accurate passing, and clinical finishing are all extremely important player skills here, while a knack for anticipating the next move of your opponent is a very handy trait! Can you conquer the Urban Basketball landscape across the nation? Or will your dreams simply get slam-dunked onto the cold concrete? See you on court, B-Baller!Earn to Die 
How to Play: Before the action begins, you have to carefully select your two-player team from the 4 available players. Your team features one player controlled by your keyboard, and a partner controlled by the computer game. Each cartoon player has a different set of sport-related advantages (strength, speed, jump, stamina, etc). On the left side on the Team Select Screen, click on the player that you will control. Then, choose your partner (computer-controlled) from the players on the right of the Team Select Screen. You can select two of the same types of player if you wish, but we recommend choosing two different types in order to change mix up your styles for a more all-round team simulation. Finally, you can choose your colors, and type in your Team Name at the bottom of the Team Select Screen. Once you click ‘OK’, get ready to begin your first match-up.
Remember, you only control one of the two players on your team (the player you chose via the left side of the Select screen). You control the movement of this player using the WASD Keys or the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. When in possession of the ball, press the “J” Key to shoot, the “K” Key to run in Turbo mode, and the “L” Key to pass the ball. When the opposition is in possession: J = steal the ball; K = Turbo run; and L = jump / block. If your partner is in possession of the ball, press the “L” Key in order to receive a pass.
Each match consists of 4 quarters of 45 seconds each (Keep one eye on the clock at the top of the play area). Scoring rules are the same as in normal basketball – 2 points for a successful shot taken from within the ‘Arc’, and 3 points for a basket shot taken from outside the ‘Arc’. If you are ahead on the scoreboard at the end of all 4 quarters, your team progresses to the next level / city. There are 20 levels in total – can you complete them all, and seal your place forever in Urban Basketball’s Hall of Fame?


Get ready for a relaxing experience in a unique, colorful and cheerful online matching game for kids.Farmscapes is a fun and unusual tycoon-style farming game where you have to play various mini-puzzle games in order to earn virtual money in order to help improve Grandpa Joe’s old farm. This fun adventure doubles as both a mini-puzzle and a farm business & management game. If you play the mini-matching puzzle games well (including two hidden object games), you can earn enough virtual money to purchase crops and renovations for Grandpa Joe’s farm.

Score sufficient virtual credit to upgrade the farm and restore it to its former glory. You also get to learn all about real-life money management strategies and tips. You must carefully budget and decide which crops to purchase, and which parts of the farm need to be upgraded. Think you’ve got the multi-tasking abilities to master the puzzles and to manage the farm all at the same time? Ok, there’s only one way to find out! Good luck!Earn to Die 
How to Play: At the start of the game, you are introduced to Grandpa Joe and his grandson. The problem is that Grandpa Joe doesn’t have the resources to fix up his farm. That’s where you come in. You must earn virtual cash so that Grandpa Joe can purchase crops and upgrade his agricultural livelihood. To do that, you must play various mini-matching games where you can earn virtual money by scoring well.
To play a matching game – click the Play button on the bottom right of the main farm game screen. There are a number of different matching games to play, such as the popular Match 3 game. In this type of game, you must match three of the same items in a row in order to eliminate them. Using your computer mouse, left click on two items that are next to each other in order to swap them, horizontally or vertically. When you have 3 or more matching items in a row (vertically or horizontally), they are eliminated and you earn credits. Once you have completed a mini-matching game, you return to the main farm screen where you can purchase crops to be sown in Joe’s field. To do that, click on the crop icons along the bottom of the game screen.
Joe will automatically plant and harvest these crops, earning more virtual money to continue the renovation. As you progress, the matching games become more difficult, but you earn more virtual money for completing them. There are also two hidden object games thrown in as you advance.
Tip: You can play a number of matching games in a row before purchasing any materials for the farm. This gives you the chance to build up more virtual credits for your next improvements.

Fruit Match Puzzle

Fruit Match Puzzle is a fun, fruit-harvesting puzzle game that immediately grabs your attention. You are a farmer and your task is to gather the fruit harvest by matching 3 identical pieces of fruit in a line. The harvest is collected when there are no empty wooden boxes left on the game screen. The wooden boxes can be seen under the fruit pieces. Hurry as the harvest time is limited; don’t lose your hard-earned and delicious ripe fruit. There are 20 different levels to complete. Levels increase in difficulty the further you progress. Can you complete each level before the time runs out (The timer can be seen on the bottom right of the game screen)? Happy harvesting Farmer!
How to Play: Use you computer mouse to match 3 or more identical fruit pieces together in horizontal or vertical lines to delete them from the game screen, so that more fruit can drop down. Swap fruit pieces that are next to each other to make the matches by clicking on them with your mouse. If the wooden slabs are located under the matching fruit pieces, they will disappear along with the fruit. Clear all the wooden slabs to complete each level and pass to the next one. Collect 5 fruit or more to get a fruit bomb (You will gain bonus points when you match the fruit with the fruit bomb). Earn extra points by matching 2 or more combos of fruit together. If you get stuck and can’t find a match, two rotating arrows will appear on the game screen to give you a hint. When a chain appears in a fruit box, you need to match 3 of that fruit type to break the chain and release the fruit. Any time remaining will earn you extra (time bonus) points at the end of each level. Also, the score and the level number is indicated at the bottom of the screen.Earn to Die


Space conquerors sign up here! Eridani is an epic and in-depth intergalactic battle strategy and resource management game for older kids where your brilliance is needed to lead a futuristic conquest to find a ‘new Earth’ for the human race. In a series of tactical space-based battles, you have to slowly but surely dominate a faraway galaxy using a combination of savvy battle strategy, ultramodern technology, swift war ships, good research, and more. The year is 3012, and after narrowly surviving a giant asteroid, the Earth was catastrophically spun off of its axis. With the planet hurtling toward the sun, the decision has been made by the global government to find a new planet. Fortunately, one was spotted near the Epsilon Erdani star that seems to have an atmosphere very much like earth’s. However, this ‘New Earth’ is already inhabited, and the current occupiers aren’t going to give it up to invaders without a fight to the end!
Fans of tower defense-style tactical play as well as all-out battle challenges should enjoy this detailed, innovative, and highly-stimulating real-time strategy (RTS) game which centers around your decision-making process under the extreme pressure of a full-on battle. You are in control of an entire fleet of futuristic warships, battle stations, and resource mining machines, and you must decide the correct manner in which to assemble a workable force that has a reasonable chance of success against your “alien” enemies (and that is how they view you too). The human race’s future is at stake! Have you got the tactical know-how, determination and stamina to pull us through? To say we’re counting on you, is an understatement!Earn to Die 
How to Play: There are two game modes to choose from; Campaign Mode, and Skirmish Mode. In Campaign Mode, you must embark on a sustained attack against the enemy (inhabitants of a distant world) with 12 battle grounds (levels) to conquer. Skirmish Mode features one quick-fire battle. Your objective in each battle is to destroy the entire enemy force. These opponents are located on planets somewhere within the battlefield (usually a good distance away). You begin each battle with one singular ‘Mobile Construction Ship’ (MCS). Control this ship by ‘selecting’ it (Click and drag a rectangular shape over it). As the initial tutorial instructs, direct this ship to a nearby empty planet, and begin to build important structures on that planet – Your Mobile Construction Ship must be close to a planet to allow building work to commence.
Keep an eye on the mini map in the top right corner for planet locations. Once your MCS is close to an empty planet, you can begin to set up your army. First, build a ‘Command Center’ by clicking on the MCS, and choosing the Command Center icon from the list along the bottom of the game screen. By clicking on the Command Center, you can send out Attack Drones (for attacking the enemy bases), and Repair Drones (for defense). You can also build other structures on the planet next to the Command Center to aid in the war effort. These include Power Stations (increased power), Research Centers (better technology), Laser Turrets (defense against attacks), Resource Mines (mines the planet for extra defenses, ammo, and ‘Power’, which is needed to build and send out drones. The more research you do and resources you mine, the more options are unlocked on the dashboard at the bottom of the game screen.

Age of Defense

Interested in a blockbusting RTS-style battle strategy game in the same high-intensity mold as Age of Defense, Age of War, Goodgame Empire? In Age of Defense, you play the role of the supreme Hero Commander of the ‘Light Forces’, and must defend your empire, and destroy your enemy’s castle during an epic medieval-style battle featuring magical creatures, dragons, orcs, archers, swordsmen, and the rest.
Set on an iconic ‘three corridor’ battlefield, you must command your own chosen ‘Hero’ as well as your allied forces against the oncoming hordes of enemies that make up the ‘Dark Forces’ army. Supreme victory is only achieved once all of the Dark Forces warriors and buildings have been destroyed. Gripping and intense, this amazingly in-depth medieval battle adventure nods approvingly at Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Age of Empires. Prepare to be absorbed by hours of sword-wielding action as you mount a serious challenge to become a strategic command legend! Excellent decision making and a good grasp of battle management techniques are key attributes required here. Bravery and tactful attacking maneuvers are rewarded – but don’t get carried away with a ‘gung-ho’ approach. The enemy is resourceful and resilient, and you will have to break it down slowly but surely!
The ground shakes as the enemy forces approach… You can just about hear their snarling cries above the sound of clanking weapons… This is it; the last great battle of our time… The air is electric with tension… The Forces of Light need a Hero to stand up and lead the charge… All eyes turn to you… But, are you up to this immense task?…Earn to Die 
How to Play: Choose between 3 levels of difficulty: Casual, Normal, and Hardcore. At the beginning of the game, you must choose your ‘Hero’ – a supremely-powerful warrior whom you alone can control. This Hero is the leader of your troops, and is always at your call. Your ultimate objective is to completely conquer the large side-scrolling battlefield. The battleground has three distinct ‘corridors’, and you may choose to attack down one corridor at once, or in separate corridors depending on the strength of your troops. The ‘Dark Forces’ approach from the right / top of the game screen, while your ‘Light Forces’ are based at the bottom / left part of the battle ground.
Direct your Hero using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click to select your Hero, and then click on the area you want him to move toward. If your Hero is in the general area of an enemy creature, he automatically engages in hand-to-hand combat. Other troops are close by, and will also automatically engage the enemy once they come into range. Click and drag over a group of allied warriors to direct them toward a skirmish – just like directing your Hero. The more enemies you eliminate, the more EXP points you earn, and the more ‘levels’ you go up. The higher your Hero’s level, the larger his Health Bar. If your Hero is eliminated, he re-spawns after 30 seconds at your Base Castle.
Every few minutes, your Hero is summoned to a ‘Duel’. This takes place in a fenced off area away from the main battle, and you cannot leave the area until you have eliminated all of the enemy troops. You can choose to dismiss a ‘Duel’, but this is unwise as they are valuable ways to earn large amounts of EXP points. Tip: If you are unsure of the controls or objectives, click on the ‘Rules’ tab in the top left corner of the game screen.

Online Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game

Online Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game is a strategic tower defense game with simple rules, yet complex tactics, and is a continuation of the Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game. Designed for the whole family, Bloons Tower Defense 3 is especially suitable for those willing to develop their logic and reaction skills. It features improved graphics, lots of new and original tower tracks and weapons to choose from.
The aim of the game is to protect the path to the tower by not letting the balloons pass and attack the tower. First choose the track, then the difficulty level (easy, med, hard). Buy weapons (defenders) from the right side bar and place them on or by the paths to maximize their effectiveness. There are 50 levels for you to master.
Note that the higher the level, the faster the balloons, therefore a strategy of defense, as well as quick thinking and reactions are essential. You earn virtual money by shooting the balloons. Buy super monkeys, darts, cannons, boomerangs, ice balls, road spikes, tack shooters and various other defenders to protect the tower. The items can be sold or upgraded.Earn to Die
How to play: Place an object on or by the path using your mouse, and click on ‘Start Round’ to start the game. Note, that some of the objects cannot be placed before starting the game, since they may explode even before the balloons appear. You will get a short description of each item, when placing your mouse on them. If you have chosen an item, but want to cancel it, click the Esc button on your computer keyboard. After you have destroyed all of the balloons, click on an item you want to sell, and on the red ‘Sell Now’ button (you don’t have to sell your defenders if you don’t want to).
Hints: Try stopping the balloons in the beginning as quickly as you can, because the further they will go along the path, the harder it will be to destroy them. Save virtual money for advanced weaponry, as you will need them in the higher rounds. The items that you buy can be sold back, but note, that it is not profitable at all, therefore try to play prudently. You start each round when you have your weapons positioned (ready). Note that some of the items cannot be placed before starting the game, since they may explode even before the balloons appear. Unlock new tower types with every level. Your virtual money and lives are indicated at the top of the game screen. Play wisely and save the tower at all costs!

Uphill Rush 4

Uphill Rush 4: Fast and furious, wet and wild, this intense water-slide adventure racing game will have you on the edge of your seat! Perform cool stunts and fancy flips while racing against both an opponent and the clock. This isn’t your average racing game; it combines all the fun of an aqua park with the thrills and spills of a high speed chase. Compete in either a race or time trial format on a huge water-slide track.
Customize your player and earn virtual dollars to improve your racing vehicle. You start off riding a tube – but earn enough virtual money and you could end up racing on a jetski, or even a dolphin! The background music is pretty hard rock – which is cool but you can mute it if needed by clicking on the button on the top right of the game menu screen.
How to Play: After you choose the race type and customize your player, it’s time to get racing! Use the following controls on your computer keyboard to move your vehicle during the race:Earn to Die 
Up arrow (Accelerate);   Down arrow (Reverse);   Left Arrow (Lean back);   Right Arrow (Lean forward)
Spacebar (Special stunt moves);    X (Turbo);   P (Pause the race);   M (look at a map of the track)
Tip: Press the Spacebar when you are in the air to perform cool stunts and flips during the race. But be careful, because when you are flipping through the air, you might land face-down (and this is not good!)  If you land on your front, you are out of the race and you have to start again from your last checkpoint. Use your left and right arrows to lean back / forward and make sure you land on your back after a flip. Ready? Good luck Speed Master!

Traffic Challenge

Is traffic control a job for you? Traffic Challenge is a difficult, point and click, road management and timing-based game for kids, teens and grownups where your task is to keep traffic flowing and to avoid crashes by strategically changing the traffic light display at busy road intersections. Utilizing good awareness and impeccable timing, you must allow traffic to pass through intersections at regular intervals. You cannot allow traffic to ‘back up’, and you must let an allocated number of vehicles through before the clock runs out! Make no mistake, traffic control is a high-pressure challenge!
Featuring real-life road simulation issues such as emergency vehicles, rush hour traffic, aggressive drivers and more, this traffic manager game is a stern test of your concentration skills, cool-headedness and reactions. You must make quick decisions and strategic judgments under pressure, and use sharp analytical problem solving skills for a quick-fire solution to the rapid traffic build up situation. So, you’ve been given you the green light to become a top traffic controller. But, should you instead have simply been given a straight red?Earn to Die
How to Play: In each progressively-difficult level, your job is to safely allow a target number of cars & trucks through a busy intersection before the clock runs out. To do this, you must tactfully change traffic lights from red to green and back again when it is safe to do so. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on a traffic light to change its color.
In the blue box in the bottom right hand corner of the play area, you can see how many cars you must safely allow through, and how much time remains. If you successfully reach the target number before the clock runs out, you progress to the next level. However, if you cause a crash, you must replay the level. Likewise, if you allow vehicles to get backed up to the point where a traffic jam reaches all the way to the edge of the game screen (end of the road), you fail the level.

City Siege 3 – Jungle Siege

City Siege 3 – Jungle Siege is a fun & fast-paced shooting game for children, teens and Big Kids where you have to eliminate as many enemy troops as possible, while at the same time, not harming any innocent civilians. This is the third installment of the much-in-demand City Siege games. This time however, it’s set in the jungle. The bad guys are back in full force and are now trying to take over the jungle. Only YOU can put a stop to their sneaky tactics and outrageous antics! This explosive, high-speed, all-action adventure requires super-sharp shooting skills, deadly determination, the will to protect and the power to destroy! Have a blast!
OK, your mission – take out the Baddies, protect the Goodies. Don’t hit any civilians! You’re in charge of building and controlling an army with which you complete some very entertaining jungle-themed missions. You are given a task at the start of each level. These tasks mostly involve destroying enemies and rescuing natives with a group of your selected units. The enemy will shoot you on sight – but only if they can see you, so complete each mission as stealthily as possible, to avoid injury or death. Think and move like a ninja! You don’t have to rescue the regular natives – they are OK without your help, however VIPs (Very Important People), must always be rescued in order to successfully complete a mission. If you take out a native (by mistake), you will be penalized, so be careful! Try and collect all of the gold stars and earn as much virtual money as possible. This money can be used to hire new soldiers and stars can be used to upgrade them. Upgrade your army at the end of each level.Earn to Die 
This fantastic new version boasts some exciting new features including: 30 all-new levels with more varied terrain (Water, Lava, Swamps and Bridges etc.) – New Units, including Molotov Guy (burns stuff down), Bomber, Jeep and Tesla Tank – Improved strategy and unit balancing – New Baddies and more…OK Good Guy, ready to have some wacky fun in the jungle? Let’s get moving!
How To Play: Use your computer mouse to select units. Use the following letter keys on your computer keyboard to control the unit (W)(A)(S)(D) or the arrow keys (UP)(LEFT)(DOWN)(RIGHT). Aim using your computer mouse and fire by clicking on the left mouse button. You can see your health bar (in green on top of your character). You can see a map at the top of the game screen (showing all the character’s positions). Point with your mouse at the edges of the screen to scroll through the map (game playing field) and use the numeric keys (1 – 5) to quickly select units. At the end of each level, you see your Total Score and Total Funds earned.

1001 Arabian Nights

1001 Arabian Nights is a fun online matching game based on the classic ‘Match 3’ type puzzle games. Your goal in each level is to piece together an ancient Arabian Artifact (precious treasure) by dropping it off the matching grid. You can do this by matching 3 tiles (or more if you can) around it to eject it from the bottom of the playing grid. Swap adjacent tiles (next to each other or above/below) to match three or more of the same tiles in a row, horizontally or vertically. Once you do this, the matched items disappear. Keep matching the items around the pieces of the Artifact to free it up and drop it off the bottom of the grid. Once you have collected all 3 pieces of the Artifact, the level is complete.
This game is ideal for any Match 3 enthusiasts, and will really test your quick reaction skills – as there is a clock ticking on each level. You’ll also need to have an eagle-eye to pick out the right matches in the sea of colorful tiles. Collect power-ups as you progress to help you along the way. What makes this game unique from other matching games is the cool Arabian ambiance – which is just like the movie Aladdin! Think you’ve got what it takes to become the Matching Genie? Well then, rub the Magic Lamp and let’s go!
How to Play: The goal on each level is to collect pieces of an Artifact (valuable object) to fit into the template in the top left corner of the game screen. These pieces are within the game grid – they are easy to spot because they are nothing like the other colorful tiles. You must collect these pieces by getting them to the bottom of the game grid. To do this, match 3 of the tiles around them to move them closer to the bottom. Once you match 3 or more tiles, they disappear and other tiles (including pieces of the Artifacts) drop down. To match 3 tiles, Left Click on two adjacent tiles and swap them, horizontally or vertically, to make a match. If that swap gets you three (or more) tiles in a row, they disappear. Earn to Die 
There are power-ups to collect as you go along. Match 4 or more tiles in a row to charge up your Magic Orb. This is in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Once this Orb is charged up (you see it sparkling), left click on it to activate its power. The Orb magically eliminates random tiles, creating more possible matches for you. There are more magical power-ups to collect as you progress through the levels. Don’t forget, the clock is ticking so get matching as quickly as you can! Good luck

Gravity Guy

Excellent online game! Prepare for a cool, fun yet hard, timing and reaction speed based platform game for 1, 2, 3 or 4 players: Use super sharp reflexes and observation skills to flip gravity and surGravity Guy
vive for as long as possible to help a little character to reach the end , an addicting, one-button, ‘endless running’ game of escape and survival for kids and teens.
In Gravity Guy, you must quickly and continuously alter (reverse) the effects of gravity to keep Gravity Guy moving in a mad dash along a side-scrolling obstacle course while simultaneously escaping the clutches of a dangerous, black and white Cyborg hot at your heels. Choose from a classic 1 player challenge or a wild multiplayer mode where up to 4 players can battle it out to become the champion!
Reasons to play this cool reaction skills game: Exercise your fast reflexes, hand-eye coordination, timing skills and competitive streak as you guide your Gravity Guy through a treacherous ledge and obstacle-filled course. If you enjoy difficult platform challenges with simple controls, this popular game could be the perfect match for you. Check out the awesome multiplayer mode if the chaos of 2, 3 or even 4 friends or family members crowding around your computer keyboard in a crazy competitive race for survival appeals to you!Earn to Die 
Strategy to win: Very good concentration levels and sharp observation and anticipation skills combined with deft key control are essential to victory in 1 player or multiplayer mode. While you only have to press one button to control the gravitational effect, your timing is everything here. Keep a really close eye on upcoming ledges and objects, and adjust the gravity for your character in time to avoid disaster!
How to Play: A Flash-based, platform and survival skills game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers) with two distinct game modes to choose from: 1 Player mode or Multiplayer mode (for 2, 3 or 4 players). Your goal is to survive for as long as possible on the side-scrolling course by constantly flipping the effects of gravity to prolong the progress of your robotic ‘gravity guy’ character.
In 1 Player mode, you are being chased by a black and white Cyborg, and must try to avoid getting caught or falling into the abyss above or below the game screen. In Multiplayer mode, it’s a wacky battle for survival with 2, 3 or 4 players in the ‘race’. Your character runs automatically at high speed, it’s your job to alter the gravity around him in order to make sure he’s running on solid ground!
In 1 Player mode, you can flip the effect of gravity by pressing Spacebar on your computer keyboard, or by clicking your Left Mouse Button. In Multiplayer mode, Player 1 (Blue) flips gravity by pressing the X Key, Player 2 (Green) uses the M Key, Player 3 (Yellow) uses the P Key and Player 4 (Red) uses the Q Key. In Multiplayer mode, you can only alter the gravity for your own character, so you don’t need to worry about what the other players are doing – concentrate on your own movement and survival. Enjoy the high speed action!

Card Match

Card Match is a colorful memory card game for kids where you have to match two pairs of zany card characters, within a certain amount of time, to pass each level. It seems super-simple to play but actually requires sharp visual-memory skills. This fun and funky concentration game will keep you mentally on your toes, and the cute and quirky characters will keep you smiling!
OK, so your goal is to match two pairs to score points. Once you match a pair, the cards will stay turned over (face up). You need to get all the cards turned over in order to get to the next level. You have to be quick, quick, quick! If you don’t match these odd characters before the liquid bar runs out, it’s game over! With every level, you have to match more and more card characters. When you start playing, getting a match is just pot luck, but once you start recognizing the character’s positions, your razor sharp memory skills should kick into play and from then on getting a match will be super-duper simple! Have fun!Earn to Die 
How To Play: Click on “Go” in the first game screen. Use your computer mouse to click on the cards and turn them over. You can see your score in the bottom right corner of the game screen and the game level in the top right corner of the game screen. The remaining time (liquid bar) is located on the left hand side of the game screen.

Rollercoaster Creator

Fancy a career as a roller coaster designer or architect? If so, this game will be right up your street. Rollercoaster Creator is a fun and entertaining building game for kids and teens where you get to draw and design your very own custom-built rollercoaster track in the online amusement park. Create the ride of your life by inserting terrifying steep inclines, exhilarating loop-the-loops and hair-raising drops. Earn Thrill coins from your passengers (virtual coins with a red heart) by making your track more daring.
Play this compelling game to test your physics knowledge, including the universal laws of gravity, force and motion. Make sure your track is designed to build up enough momentum for those petrifying twists and turns, or your train might get stuck or even crash. When you have built your track, click on the Play icon, and see how much the thrill-seeking public love it.
How to Play: Use your computer mouse to click on the “Start” icon, then click on “1” to start on level one. A quick visual demo is played before each level to instruct you how to use the available tools (Draw it Yourself Pencil, Up the Track, Down the Track, Steep Incline, Steep Drop and Loop). On Level One, you get to draw free-hand using the standard pencil. Draw upward and downward curves for an awesome bumpy ride.Earn to Die 
On Level Two you have to use the “Up the Track” tool, this allows your rollercoaster train to climb up a slope without rolling backwards: To insert – Click on the “Up the Track” tool beside the pencil on the bottom of your game screen – Click the point where you want to insert it – Drag your mouse to make it longer. If you try to draw up the track with your pencil when you have no speed built up, the train will simply roll backwards and comes to a stop you have to start that level again.
On Level Three to Six, you have to insert “Down the Track”, “Loop”, “Steep Incline” and “Steep Drop” in the same way. Draw your track past all of the Yellow coins so that your train can collect them as it passes. You need to gather all of the Yellow coins to pass the level. If your adrenalin-seeking passengers love your cool track, you earn extra Thrill coins for a Gold Star (perfect ride).

The Great Attic Escape

The Great Attic Escape is an extremely tricky, point and click, hidden object-based puzzle game with a difference for older kids and teens where you have to piece together a MacGyver-style contraption that helps you “escape” from a chaotic and cluttered attic! You have somehow managed to get yourself locked into this room filled with seemingly useless junk – with no obvious exit. However, by using your super sleuthing skills with your mouse, you can uncover valuable clues and objects that can aid your daring escape!
This highly interactive, step-by-step brainteasing adventure requires an inquisitive mind, great patience, and a real determination to investigate and uncover new clues and information. The answers are often right in front of your eyes, but only a true detective in the Sherlock Holmes-mold will be able to put them together! You have to exercise all of your problem-solving know-how, and ‘think outside the box’ if you want to crack the elaborate puzzle, and engineer an escape from your domestic prison! It’s time to put your eyes and brain to work. Happy investigating!Earn to Die 

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to create an innovative device / mechanism that breaks open the trapdoor located on the attic floor. To do this, you first have to root around all of the different areas in the attic, picking up useful items as you go along. Each area has objects that you can interact with using your computer mouse or touchpad. Hover your mouse over an object. If your cursor turns from the normal arrow pointer into a hand-shaped cursor – then that object is part of the mystery. Some of these items move into your “Inventory” underneath the main game screen once you discover and click on them.

Click on the large Hand Pointers located in the bottom corners of the game screen to move between areas in the attic. Remember, each area has at least one item or object that you can use to eventually get out of the attic. The key is to be pro-active, and to try to piece together similar items. For example, if you find a record and a crank – these things must surely have something to do with the broken down-record player in another part of the attic (we’ve given you a clue there!)
Tip: The three colored Gargoyles dangling from the rope each have special abilities that you need to harness in order to make your escape. One final clue – these Gargoyle guys love music – and come to life if they hear their favorite record being played!

5 Differences

Get ready to have your Eagle Eye tested to the limit with 5 Differences – a challenging online spot-a-difference puzzle game where you have to forensically discover 5 miniscule differences from two seemingly identical pictures. Set in a sparsely-colored cartoon world with increasingly difficult levels, each pair of images portray scenes from a cool, urban art-style environment. Carefully comb each image for the 5 teeny-tiny changes between the two halves. You might end up reaching for your magnifying glass!
This fun brain teaser will really test and exercise your eyesight, observation and concentration skills, as you have to meticulously study each image. Have you got your Problem Solving Radar switched on? OK Super Sleuth, it’s time to find those differences! Good luck, and keep your eyes peeled!Earn to Die 
How to Play: In each tricky spot-a-difference challenge, there are 5 very small differences between the two images. Carefully study each one, there’s no clock or time limit putting you under further pressure. When you think you’ve spotted one of the differences, Left Click on it (on either image) using your computer mouse or touchpad. If you are correct, the difference disappears. Find all 5 to progress to the next level.

The ‘Counter’ that displays how many differences are remaining, is cleverly included somewhere within the images. For example; it might be indicated on a park bench, or on the back of a person’s football shirt. This ‘Counter’ reduces by one each time you eliminate a difference. In each level, there is one aspect of each picture that simultaneously moves every couple of seconds (for example; a man crossing his legs). While this is a neat little extra, don’t let it distract you from your goal of finding all 5 differences.
Tip: If you’re struggling, try out this detective-like spot-a-difference technique: Concentrate on a small area of the image (say, the bottom left). Quickly move your eyes from one image to the other, focusing on that one specific area. If there is a difference there, your eyes should hopefully spot it.

The Fog Fall

The Fog Fall is a very challenging, eerie and mysterious, point-and-click adventure puzzle game for teens and grownups where you must try to gather clues and information as you attempt to escape from a Cold War-style underground bunker designed as an atomic bomb shelter. Set in a gloomy post-apocalyptic period where a sea of fog has enveloped your country and home, you must use step-by-step sleuthing techniques to collect items, carefully solve how to switch on the electricity, don your protective hazmat suit, and generally figure out how to escape the bunker.
This cryptic hidden object game really challenges your imagination and analytical thinking skills, and requires a cool head in a dark, underground environment, really good concentration, observation and problem-solving skills, combined with smart strategic planning and great determination. The creative vision to ‘put two and two together’ is important as you attempt to engineer your escape. As with all quirky brain teasers and detective-style games, being curious and inquisitive is essential here. You must explore all areas, collect as many items as you can, and exhaust all possibilities. Your survival depends on it!Earn to Die
How to Play: The controls follow a simple point-and-click method. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the area of the game screen you wish to explore. Your normal ‘arrow-shaped’ mouse cursor turns into a hand shape when you hover it over a ‘click-able’ area or item.
Explore all of the rooms in your underground environment, and try to pick up items that might be useful toward your escape. If you ‘collect’ an item, it appears in your inventory at the top of the game screen. These items can then be used in other situations. Tip / Example: you might find a rusty gold key in a trash can. This key can be used to open a drawer in one of the bedrooms. Enjoy the tough sleuthing action!

Minions Game

Keep your eyes wide open as you take on a fun and challenging, hidden object-based puzzle game for kids with a cool Minions theme!Minions Game is a hard, observation-based hidden object activity where you must pick out specific hidden items in three scenes featuring some of your favorite characters from the Minions and Despicable Me movies!
Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this visual puzzle game requires top concentration levels, really sharp observation skills, great determination and patience, and the ability to pick out minute details from a larger picture. Try to keep distractions to a minimum if you want to be a top sleuthing success! Happy hidden object hunt!Earn to Die 

How to Play: For players on mobile phone or tablet: To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. For iPhone / iPad users, you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the game once it loads up.
In each of the three progressively-difficult levels, you must find 7 hidden letters or areas from a large scene depicting Minions movie characters. In Level 1, you must find the letters M-I-N-I-O-N-S hidden among the picture. In Levels 2 and 3, you must identify the specific areas on the main pictures depicted by the small snapshots / thumbnails at the bottom of the game screen.

For notebook, laptop & desktop players: Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the hidden areas / letters. For mobile phone / tablet players: Tap on the hidden items using your finger or thumb. If you correctly find and click / tap on a hidden item, a red circle appears. However, if you click or tap on an incorrect area – a grey X appears, and you lose one life. Once all three lives are used up, you may replay the level or start again from Level 1. Enjoy the visual challenge!

Treefrog Treasure

Play a cool, math-based, adventure game for children ages 4 and up, and explore rainforest, cave and desert worlds as you guide a fearless frog in a search for lost jewels while discovering number lines, and comparing and learning fractions, decimals and percentages. Treefrog Treasure is a highly-stimulating, interactive, educational math-based platform game where you must control an acrobatic tree frog as it journeys through a series of tricky, ledge-based tasks featuring fractions and number line problems to be solved.
Your bouncing and energetic tree frog can only overcome (break through) barriers if he leaps at the correct ‘weak point’ in a number line chain. This weak point must first be determined by your logical calculations – which depend on the different numerical clues provided to you.
Reasons to play this fun, point and click, platformer puzzle game: Exercise your math and analytical thinking skills as you figure out where to jump at each barrier in order to progress. Learn about simple fractions, decimals and percentages, and ‘number line’ problems as you guide your frog through 36 difficult levels.
Strategy to win: Combine simple math-based problem solving skills with accurate mouse clicking! Your tree frog hero moves via the clicks of your computer mouse, and can only progress if you choose the correct area on each barrier to attack (based on your mathematical calculations).
How to Play: A Flash-based, math puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are 3 different ‘worlds’ with 12 levels in each – giving 36 levels in total. In each level, your goal is to guide your tree frog hero to the ‘Golden Bug’ situated at the end of the level. However, most levels feature at least one math-based barrier that must be overcome (broken down) in order to successfully reach the Golden Bug.
Control your frog’s movement using your computer mouse / touchpad. Aim using your cursor, and Left Click to initiate a jumping move. When your frog reaches a chain / barrier, he must break through by leaping at a specific ‘weak point’ in the chain. To help you visualize where to attack, think of a barrier as a number line, with the bottom of the barrier representing 0 on the number line.

Next to the barrier, a moving ‘Target’ displays the correct ‘weak point’ on that number line. There are also one or two entries already in place on the number line – These numbers act as clues and helpful indicators.
For example, the weak point ‘target’ might display the fraction 2/5. You can see that the 3/5 and 1/5 points are already displayed on the barrier. Thus, you must leap at the area directly in between the 3/5 and 1/5 areas to hit the correct 2/5 target point! Each time you successfully eliminate a barrier, you earn special colored gemstones. However, if you leap at the wrong area of the barrier, your frog simply bounces off.
Tip: Your frog sticks to normal grey-colored walls, slides off of blue-colored walls, and bounces off of gold-colored walls. Keep this in mind as you leap around each level.