Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fruit Match Puzzle

Fruit Match Puzzle is a fun, fruit-harvesting puzzle game that immediately grabs your attention. You are a farmer and your task is to gather the fruit harvest by matching 3 identical pieces of fruit in a line. The harvest is collected when there are no empty wooden boxes left on the game screen. The wooden boxes can be seen under the fruit pieces. Hurry as the harvest time is limited; don’t lose your hard-earned and delicious ripe fruit. There are 20 different levels to complete. Levels increase in difficulty the further you progress. Can you complete each level before the time runs out (The timer can be seen on the bottom right of the game screen)? Happy harvesting Farmer!
How to Play: Use you computer mouse to match 3 or more identical fruit pieces together in horizontal or vertical lines to delete them from the game screen, so that more fruit can drop down. Swap fruit pieces that are next to each other to make the matches by clicking on them with your mouse. If the wooden slabs are located under the matching fruit pieces, they will disappear along with the fruit. Clear all the wooden slabs to complete each level and pass to the next one. Collect 5 fruit or more to get a fruit bomb (You will gain bonus points when you match the fruit with the fruit bomb). Earn extra points by matching 2 or more combos of fruit together. If you get stuck and can’t find a match, two rotating arrows will appear on the game screen to give you a hint. When a chain appears in a fruit box, you need to match 3 of that fruit type to break the chain and release the fruit. Any time remaining will earn you extra (time bonus) points at the end of each level. Also, the score and the level number is indicated at the bottom of the screen.Earn to Die

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