Thursday, March 31, 2016


Space conquerors sign up here! Eridani is an epic and in-depth intergalactic battle strategy and resource management game for older kids where your brilliance is needed to lead a futuristic conquest to find a ‘new Earth’ for the human race. In a series of tactical space-based battles, you have to slowly but surely dominate a faraway galaxy using a combination of savvy battle strategy, ultramodern technology, swift war ships, good research, and more. The year is 3012, and after narrowly surviving a giant asteroid, the Earth was catastrophically spun off of its axis. With the planet hurtling toward the sun, the decision has been made by the global government to find a new planet. Fortunately, one was spotted near the Epsilon Erdani star that seems to have an atmosphere very much like earth’s. However, this ‘New Earth’ is already inhabited, and the current occupiers aren’t going to give it up to invaders without a fight to the end!
Fans of tower defense-style tactical play as well as all-out battle challenges should enjoy this detailed, innovative, and highly-stimulating real-time strategy (RTS) game which centers around your decision-making process under the extreme pressure of a full-on battle. You are in control of an entire fleet of futuristic warships, battle stations, and resource mining machines, and you must decide the correct manner in which to assemble a workable force that has a reasonable chance of success against your “alien” enemies (and that is how they view you too). The human race’s future is at stake! Have you got the tactical know-how, determination and stamina to pull us through? To say we’re counting on you, is an understatement!Earn to Die 
How to Play: There are two game modes to choose from; Campaign Mode, and Skirmish Mode. In Campaign Mode, you must embark on a sustained attack against the enemy (inhabitants of a distant world) with 12 battle grounds (levels) to conquer. Skirmish Mode features one quick-fire battle. Your objective in each battle is to destroy the entire enemy force. These opponents are located on planets somewhere within the battlefield (usually a good distance away). You begin each battle with one singular ‘Mobile Construction Ship’ (MCS). Control this ship by ‘selecting’ it (Click and drag a rectangular shape over it). As the initial tutorial instructs, direct this ship to a nearby empty planet, and begin to build important structures on that planet – Your Mobile Construction Ship must be close to a planet to allow building work to commence.
Keep an eye on the mini map in the top right corner for planet locations. Once your MCS is close to an empty planet, you can begin to set up your army. First, build a ‘Command Center’ by clicking on the MCS, and choosing the Command Center icon from the list along the bottom of the game screen. By clicking on the Command Center, you can send out Attack Drones (for attacking the enemy bases), and Repair Drones (for defense). You can also build other structures on the planet next to the Command Center to aid in the war effort. These include Power Stations (increased power), Research Centers (better technology), Laser Turrets (defense against attacks), Resource Mines (mines the planet for extra defenses, ammo, and ‘Power’, which is needed to build and send out drones. The more research you do and resources you mine, the more options are unlocked on the dashboard at the bottom of the game screen.

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