Thursday, March 31, 2016

Upstream Kayak

Upstream Kayak is an fun water sports simulation and skill game (for both younger kids and teens) set in a series of challenging obstacle-filled river courses where you have to paddle strongly against the current in your touring kayak, and race against the clock to the finish line. You play the role of a courageous outdoor-based kayaking enthusiast, and you have to learn and react quickly if you want to avoid a capsizing accident. You must vault over dams, logs, and other hindrances while collecting valuable fruit bonuses, and generally trying to stay in control of your light-yet-durable kayak.
Subtle keyboard-tapping skills combined with a cool head under pressure are important traits of the virtual kayaker, especially if you strive to become the Kayaking Champ! Players of a daredevil persuasion with a flair for the spectacular also get a chance to impress with a selection of mid-air stunts. A knack for predicting trouble spots also comes in handy as you battle the raging rapids. One tiny mistake could lead to a sudden sinking – so being highly focused in the water at all times is definitely advised (just as in real life). So strap on your helmet and grab your paddle – it’s going to be a wild river ride!Earn to Die 
How to Play: Control your kayak using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press the Up Arrow to paddle forward, and the Left and Right Arrows to tilt your kayak one way or the other. Press Spacebar to jump over obstacles. While in mid-air, you can press the 1, 2, 3, and 4 Number Keys to perform cool stunts that increase your points score (displayed at the top of tyhe game screen). You also earn points by collecting individual pieces of fruit and birds positioned throughout the level. Keep an eye on the ticking clock in the top right corner of the game screen. Your objective is to complete the course before the timer runs out! Your number of remaining lives is displayed next to your score. Enjoy the great kayaking adventure!

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