Thursday, March 31, 2016

Age of Defense

Interested in a blockbusting RTS-style battle strategy game in the same high-intensity mold as Age of Defense, Age of War, Goodgame Empire? In Age of Defense, you play the role of the supreme Hero Commander of the ‘Light Forces’, and must defend your empire, and destroy your enemy’s castle during an epic medieval-style battle featuring magical creatures, dragons, orcs, archers, swordsmen, and the rest.
Set on an iconic ‘three corridor’ battlefield, you must command your own chosen ‘Hero’ as well as your allied forces against the oncoming hordes of enemies that make up the ‘Dark Forces’ army. Supreme victory is only achieved once all of the Dark Forces warriors and buildings have been destroyed. Gripping and intense, this amazingly in-depth medieval battle adventure nods approvingly at Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Age of Empires. Prepare to be absorbed by hours of sword-wielding action as you mount a serious challenge to become a strategic command legend! Excellent decision making and a good grasp of battle management techniques are key attributes required here. Bravery and tactful attacking maneuvers are rewarded – but don’t get carried away with a ‘gung-ho’ approach. The enemy is resourceful and resilient, and you will have to break it down slowly but surely!
The ground shakes as the enemy forces approach… You can just about hear their snarling cries above the sound of clanking weapons… This is it; the last great battle of our time… The air is electric with tension… The Forces of Light need a Hero to stand up and lead the charge… All eyes turn to you… But, are you up to this immense task?…Earn to Die 
How to Play: Choose between 3 levels of difficulty: Casual, Normal, and Hardcore. At the beginning of the game, you must choose your ‘Hero’ – a supremely-powerful warrior whom you alone can control. This Hero is the leader of your troops, and is always at your call. Your ultimate objective is to completely conquer the large side-scrolling battlefield. The battleground has three distinct ‘corridors’, and you may choose to attack down one corridor at once, or in separate corridors depending on the strength of your troops. The ‘Dark Forces’ approach from the right / top of the game screen, while your ‘Light Forces’ are based at the bottom / left part of the battle ground.
Direct your Hero using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click to select your Hero, and then click on the area you want him to move toward. If your Hero is in the general area of an enemy creature, he automatically engages in hand-to-hand combat. Other troops are close by, and will also automatically engage the enemy once they come into range. Click and drag over a group of allied warriors to direct them toward a skirmish – just like directing your Hero. The more enemies you eliminate, the more EXP points you earn, and the more ‘levels’ you go up. The higher your Hero’s level, the larger his Health Bar. If your Hero is eliminated, he re-spawns after 30 seconds at your Base Castle.
Every few minutes, your Hero is summoned to a ‘Duel’. This takes place in a fenced off area away from the main battle, and you cannot leave the area until you have eliminated all of the enemy troops. You can choose to dismiss a ‘Duel’, but this is unwise as they are valuable ways to earn large amounts of EXP points. Tip: If you are unsure of the controls or objectives, click on the ‘Rules’ tab in the top left corner of the game screen.

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