Thursday, March 31, 2016

Urban Basketball

Pack up your hi-top sneakers and towel, because we’re about to embark on an epic basketball journey across the United States! Urban Basketball is one of the most exhilarating, addicting, and fast-paced online basketball games on the web! Here, you have to take on increasingly competent opponents in quick-fire 2-on-2 match-ups on cool inner-city courts. Your deadly duo of cartoon b-ballers both have an awesome set of individual skills, and you simply have to outscore your rivals in order to progress to the next city! Prepare yourself for four quarters of non-stop basketball action!
If you’ve ever played in a two-on-two basketball game in your backyard, or in the school gym, then you know exactly how high-octane and competitive these types of “fun” encounters can become! There is a lot of open space on court at all times, and you need to be aware of the offensive and defensive advantages that this offers your team. Quick reactions, accurate passing, and clinical finishing are all extremely important player skills here, while a knack for anticipating the next move of your opponent is a very handy trait! Can you conquer the Urban Basketball landscape across the nation? Or will your dreams simply get slam-dunked onto the cold concrete? See you on court, B-Baller!Earn to Die 
How to Play: Before the action begins, you have to carefully select your two-player team from the 4 available players. Your team features one player controlled by your keyboard, and a partner controlled by the computer game. Each cartoon player has a different set of sport-related advantages (strength, speed, jump, stamina, etc). On the left side on the Team Select Screen, click on the player that you will control. Then, choose your partner (computer-controlled) from the players on the right of the Team Select Screen. You can select two of the same types of player if you wish, but we recommend choosing two different types in order to change mix up your styles for a more all-round team simulation. Finally, you can choose your colors, and type in your Team Name at the bottom of the Team Select Screen. Once you click ‘OK’, get ready to begin your first match-up.
Remember, you only control one of the two players on your team (the player you chose via the left side of the Select screen). You control the movement of this player using the WASD Keys or the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. When in possession of the ball, press the “J” Key to shoot, the “K” Key to run in Turbo mode, and the “L” Key to pass the ball. When the opposition is in possession: J = steal the ball; K = Turbo run; and L = jump / block. If your partner is in possession of the ball, press the “L” Key in order to receive a pass.
Each match consists of 4 quarters of 45 seconds each (Keep one eye on the clock at the top of the play area). Scoring rules are the same as in normal basketball – 2 points for a successful shot taken from within the ‘Arc’, and 3 points for a basket shot taken from outside the ‘Arc’. If you are ahead on the scoreboard at the end of all 4 quarters, your team progresses to the next level / city. There are 20 levels in total – can you complete them all, and seal your place forever in Urban Basketball’s Hall of Fame?

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