Thursday, March 31, 2016

City Siege 3 – Jungle Siege

City Siege 3 – Jungle Siege is a fun & fast-paced shooting game for children, teens and Big Kids where you have to eliminate as many enemy troops as possible, while at the same time, not harming any innocent civilians. This is the third installment of the much-in-demand City Siege games. This time however, it’s set in the jungle. The bad guys are back in full force and are now trying to take over the jungle. Only YOU can put a stop to their sneaky tactics and outrageous antics! This explosive, high-speed, all-action adventure requires super-sharp shooting skills, deadly determination, the will to protect and the power to destroy! Have a blast!
OK, your mission – take out the Baddies, protect the Goodies. Don’t hit any civilians! You’re in charge of building and controlling an army with which you complete some very entertaining jungle-themed missions. You are given a task at the start of each level. These tasks mostly involve destroying enemies and rescuing natives with a group of your selected units. The enemy will shoot you on sight – but only if they can see you, so complete each mission as stealthily as possible, to avoid injury or death. Think and move like a ninja! You don’t have to rescue the regular natives – they are OK without your help, however VIPs (Very Important People), must always be rescued in order to successfully complete a mission. If you take out a native (by mistake), you will be penalized, so be careful! Try and collect all of the gold stars and earn as much virtual money as possible. This money can be used to hire new soldiers and stars can be used to upgrade them. Upgrade your army at the end of each level.Earn to Die 
This fantastic new version boasts some exciting new features including: 30 all-new levels with more varied terrain (Water, Lava, Swamps and Bridges etc.) – New Units, including Molotov Guy (burns stuff down), Bomber, Jeep and Tesla Tank – Improved strategy and unit balancing – New Baddies and more…OK Good Guy, ready to have some wacky fun in the jungle? Let’s get moving!
How To Play: Use your computer mouse to select units. Use the following letter keys on your computer keyboard to control the unit (W)(A)(S)(D) or the arrow keys (UP)(LEFT)(DOWN)(RIGHT). Aim using your computer mouse and fire by clicking on the left mouse button. You can see your health bar (in green on top of your character). You can see a map at the top of the game screen (showing all the character’s positions). Point with your mouse at the edges of the screen to scroll through the map (game playing field) and use the numeric keys (1 – 5) to quickly select units. At the end of each level, you see your Total Score and Total Funds earned.

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