Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Differences

Get ready to have your Eagle Eye tested to the limit with 5 Differences – a challenging online spot-a-difference puzzle game where you have to forensically discover 5 miniscule differences from two seemingly identical pictures. Set in a sparsely-colored cartoon world with increasingly difficult levels, each pair of images portray scenes from a cool, urban art-style environment. Carefully comb each image for the 5 teeny-tiny changes between the two halves. You might end up reaching for your magnifying glass!
This fun brain teaser will really test and exercise your eyesight, observation and concentration skills, as you have to meticulously study each image. Have you got your Problem Solving Radar switched on? OK Super Sleuth, it’s time to find those differences! Good luck, and keep your eyes peeled!Earn to Die 
How to Play: In each tricky spot-a-difference challenge, there are 5 very small differences between the two images. Carefully study each one, there’s no clock or time limit putting you under further pressure. When you think you’ve spotted one of the differences, Left Click on it (on either image) using your computer mouse or touchpad. If you are correct, the difference disappears. Find all 5 to progress to the next level.

The ‘Counter’ that displays how many differences are remaining, is cleverly included somewhere within the images. For example; it might be indicated on a park bench, or on the back of a person’s football shirt. This ‘Counter’ reduces by one each time you eliminate a difference. In each level, there is one aspect of each picture that simultaneously moves every couple of seconds (for example; a man crossing his legs). While this is a neat little extra, don’t let it distract you from your goal of finding all 5 differences.
Tip: If you’re struggling, try out this detective-like spot-a-difference technique: Concentrate on a small area of the image (say, the bottom left). Quickly move your eyes from one image to the other, focusing on that one specific area. If there is a difference there, your eyes should hopefully spot it.

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