Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Great Attic Escape

The Great Attic Escape is an extremely tricky, point and click, hidden object-based puzzle game with a difference for older kids and teens where you have to piece together a MacGyver-style contraption that helps you “escape” from a chaotic and cluttered attic! You have somehow managed to get yourself locked into this room filled with seemingly useless junk – with no obvious exit. However, by using your super sleuthing skills with your mouse, you can uncover valuable clues and objects that can aid your daring escape!
This highly interactive, step-by-step brainteasing adventure requires an inquisitive mind, great patience, and a real determination to investigate and uncover new clues and information. The answers are often right in front of your eyes, but only a true detective in the Sherlock Holmes-mold will be able to put them together! You have to exercise all of your problem-solving know-how, and ‘think outside the box’ if you want to crack the elaborate puzzle, and engineer an escape from your domestic prison! It’s time to put your eyes and brain to work. Happy investigating!Earn to Die 

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to create an innovative device / mechanism that breaks open the trapdoor located on the attic floor. To do this, you first have to root around all of the different areas in the attic, picking up useful items as you go along. Each area has objects that you can interact with using your computer mouse or touchpad. Hover your mouse over an object. If your cursor turns from the normal arrow pointer into a hand-shaped cursor – then that object is part of the mystery. Some of these items move into your “Inventory” underneath the main game screen once you discover and click on them.

Click on the large Hand Pointers located in the bottom corners of the game screen to move between areas in the attic. Remember, each area has at least one item or object that you can use to eventually get out of the attic. The key is to be pro-active, and to try to piece together similar items. For example, if you find a record and a crank – these things must surely have something to do with the broken down-record player in another part of the attic (we’ve given you a clue there!)
Tip: The three colored Gargoyles dangling from the rope each have special abilities that you need to harness in order to make your escape. One final clue – these Gargoyle guys love music – and come to life if they hear their favorite record being played!

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